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Sadies Belle
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
United Kingdom
Hello, please call me Sadies, it's not my real name but it's the name I prefer to go by.
...I don't know what to say...
Thanks for anyone who sends me a Llama badge, I will try to send you a Llama badge back. :)
Have a good day. :3
Peace out.

Commissions? :…

Gimp User Stamp (large) by MarcellenNeppel Mozilla Firefox User Stamp (large) by MarcellenNeppel Opera User Stamp (large) by MarcellenNeppel


Character design (C) to me. For my use only please. Thanks.
Base Ref -…

Plague (aka 0047) is part Briard (A Briard is a made up creature from another realm, it appears human but with bird wings on their back and feathers across their body.) and part cyborg/robot. He feeds off of REM which is an energy produced when others sleep.
He was created in a laboratory and trained as a soldier, he never had a family. He lost his wings at age 6 due to a punishment for refusing to comply to orders...He didn't eat his evening meal. He learnt his lesson.
Plague was a good soldier and got the name Plague because he was able to stealth his way into a village and wipe them all out alone before they even raised the alarm. He can act like a plague or a disease. He became a leader over a number of soldiers for many years.
Plagues career came to an end after finding his match in a fight. His body was corrupted and he began experiencing vision and hearing problems. A ringing in his head drowns him and sometimes his co-ordination was out. He was sentenced to death. But Plague wasn't ready to die and managed to escape the facility.
He managed to jump to a different realm but he is still being chased. His health is deteriorating.

As a person, Plague has a cold outer shell and is very much prone to fits of anger. He looses his temper easily and often wakes up on the wrong side of the bed, he is often violent and lashes out uncontrollably. He struggles to show his gentler and compassionate side although his actions sometimes reveal hints. 
This design was designed around the prompt:
"Poster Child For Urban Decay".

I will accept DA Points and Paypal. (I would prefer PayPal and will pick that over points if they are offered.)

No Auto, just post away. :)

(Also I have shared him on my personal FB page as I am proud of him but did say he was up on DA and may be sold.)
If Anxiety Was An Animal.
If anxiety was an animal I believe it would be a small and skittish little creature. It would have large ears and big eyes, it doesn't miss much that happens around it and is always on the alert. They have long tails which curl around them-self to hide away and slender arms because everything feels just out of reach. Their heart glows bright red through their chest and their heartbeat is faster than average and very, very loud. Their breathing is very quick, sometimes it sounds like they can't quiet catch a breath.

These creatures are also excellent climbers and very quick on their feet. They always travel low to the ground because they are always trying to hide away. 
Anxiety needs TLC and a gentle approach.

(C) To me. 
This is an open species, feel free to draw your own, just don't steal my design. Thanks.


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